The Neurax® NRFit Connectors

The Neurax® NRFitTM safety system comprises a range of sterile, single-use medical devices, including spinal and epidural needles, syringes, sampling needles, filters, connecting lines and accessories, which are fitted with the Neurax® ‘luer-incompatible’ Connectors.



The Neurax® connector system has undergone a thorough programme of mechanical and usability testing at the Surgical Material Testing Laboratory and the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering.


The Neurax® connector system is a novel design, which healthcare workers will identify, both by its distinctive appearance and feel, to be 'different' from a 'luer'. Nevertheless, it retains the configuration and ‘ease-of-use’, which clinicians performing delicate tasks, such as a spinal injection, require. It also incorporates a ‘positive locking’ feature to ensure security of line connections.


The connectors’ distinctive shape has been designed to alert users to the fact that it is ‘different to luer’. The Neurax® connectors complex shapes foil attempts to make connection to both the ‘luer’ and any other medical connector systems.


Although a loose approximation with other connectors may be achieved, the design ensures that no ‘fluid-path’ can be established. The tell-tale fluid leakage alerts the clinician and protects the patient.


As demonstrated in extensive independent tests, the Neurax® connector cannot be joined to either male or female ISO-compliant 'luer' connectors, even under extreme test conditions, using forces in excess of 70 Newton. The following images show the connector testing with the pressure from a syringe pump.


Figure 1: The pump arm was used to force the syringe into the Neurax fitting to check for connectivity.

Figure 2: The pump arm was checked for the reproduceable pressure IE 70+ newtons.

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